SAVOO Coloured Contact Lenses-Zircon Blue

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The fresh look to match your vibrant personality! 

Product Description:

SAVOO premium HYDROGEL lenses, the most natural range of 16 colors. These fine lenses are sold in an elegant high-quality box that contains a lens case, tweezers, and a suction stick, to assist you in safely placing and removing the lenses from your eyes.

Each pair of lenses can last up to 12 months and can make you feel comfortable for extended periods.

Technical specifications:

The lenses are naturally high in water content (45%), allowing your eyes to breathe and stay comfortable. These lenses are ideal for those who love colored contact lenses and need to take care of their sensitive eyes as well.

 - Yearly replacement schedule.

- Two sterile contact lenses (Hydrogel, 45% water) immersed in saline.

- Diameter: 14.5mm. 

- Base Curve: 8.7mm. 

How to Use:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them well.

  • Near a clean and dry surface, remove one of the lenses from the storage case and carefully slide it into your hand. Use your fingertips rather than your nails to handle the lens.

  • Rinse the lens with SAVOO Multipurpose Solution. If you drop a lens, rinse it with solution again before trying to put it in your eye.

  • Put the contact lens on the tip of your index finger or the middle finger of your dominant hand.

  • Check to see that the lens is right-side-out. If the lens forms a bowl and the edges turn up, you are ready to put it on your eye. If the lens looks like a lid — the edges are turned out — reverse the lens.

  • Hold your upper eyelid open with your non-dominant hand while looking in the mirror. Hold down your lower eyelid with the middle or ring finger of your dominant hand. As an alternative, you can use the thumb and fingers of your non-dominant hand to widely open your upper and lower eyelids.

  • Put the lens on your eye. Look in front of you or at the ceiling while doing this.

  • Slowly shut your eyes and roll them in a full circle to help the lens settle properly. Open your eyes and gently blink a few times.

  • Once you have the first lens in, repeat the process with the second lens.

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